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07. - MISANTHROPIC LUCFERIAN ORDER [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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07. [Jul. 20th, 2006|01:32 am]

Azazel is the titanic fire-bearer and the goat headed blacksmith of the Nephilimic Witchcraft, who in accordance with the luciferic impulse brought forbidden gnosis to the slumbering humanity, and woke to life the inner black flames of the elect. Azazel and Shamyaza were, as told in the apocryphal book of Enoch, the leaders of the order of angels called The Watchers. These angels chose to break free from the stagnating causality and the bounds of the demiurge, and instead followed their own acausal essence and acted in accordance with the will of Lucifer.

In some legends, it was Nahema Lilith who through her avatar Naamah, successfully awoke the Watchers from the demurge's hypnotic illusion, and made them awaken their own fiery wills and dark lusts. It was Naamah who "seduced" Azazel and made him decend down into the darkness of matter, in order to with his daimonic seed and black light awaken the acausal fire within the pneumatic elect. These elect, who all are of daimonic essence and blood, are of Cain's ancestry, and carries within them the hidden fires of Samael and Lilith. Naamah herself was of Cain's bloodline, and therefore a fitting avatar for the energies of Nahema. In the same way became Naamah's brother, Tubal Kain, a fitting avatar for Azazel, who later through his sexual union with Naamah, united the heavens with the underworld, and ignited the flames of The Black Light upon the earth.

Tubal Cain, who was the first biblical blacksmith, mastered and taught the mysteries of crafting weapons of war. His name can be interpreted as "the one who instructs or improves the arts of Cain". He is therefore identified as Azazel, the goat headed daimon that brought the divine fire and the secrets of the blacksmith's craft to man. For it is written in the Book of Enoch that "Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures". Because of this Azazel is equalled to the titanic Prometheus, who brought the gnosis of the secret fire to the chosen and made it possible for them to in accordance with their Luciferian Will, and the cold heat of the black flame, forge the weapons of their own liberation.

As with Prometheus, Azazel was also, according to some myths, punished by the demiurge for the gift he bestowed upon mankind. He was chained and hung upside down in a cave beneath the "Mountain of Darkness", which is according to some legends, located in a desert named Dudail. But not even in this condition was Azazel defeated. For from under the Mountain of Darkness Azazel continued to instruct his spawn. By the power of dreams he initiated them in the forbidden teachings of the Nephilimic Witchcraft. Certain traditions also claim that Azazel was banished to Nahemoth, which then is seen as "the place located under the Mountain of Darkness". There he rules together with his mistress Naamah, in her aspect as Nahema-Lilith.

Azazel's instructions are manifested through dreams, and his powers are best channelled through the Oneiric Gate. Due to this, Azazel is also viewed as the horned master of the witches sabbat, who during certain nights gather his faithful children's astral or dream bodies on the Mountain of Darkness, and lets them celebrate the mysteries and receive the Gnosis that he brings through the luciferic fire that burns between his horns.

The purpose of the following ritual is to awaken the Nephilimic Blood in the practitioner, "light the fire between the horns", and open the practitioners inner gates to the power and forbidden wisdom of the Black Sabbatic Goat.

Place, in the middle of the altar, a goat skull, assigned to Azazel and consecrated in his name and by his powers. With the blood from your left hand's index finger, paint the symbol of the horned god (which is the "Horned Tau Cross") on the forehead of the skull and vibrate the name of Azazel seven times. Carve the same symbol on a black candle and place it between the horns of the goat. Place the cup/chalice, symbolising the womb of the dark mother, on the left side of the altar, and fill it with red wine. Place the dagger, symbolising the fire of the spirit and the power of the will, on the right side of the altar and finally place a bowl (used for the burning of incense) with glowing coals in front of the skull.

Begin the ritual by kneeling on your right knee before the altar, and with your left hand, knock three times in the ground and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Tuval-Qayin Azazel!

I, N.N., now let me voice resonate through the silence of the night and awaken my titanic blood father, the horned fire-bearer!
I call upon the master, and invoke the force that slumbers beneath the Mountain of Darkness!"

Light the candle between the horns of the goat, and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Vul-Qayin Azazel!

O mighty Azazel, you who carry the flame of wisdom between your horns, hear my summoning and ignate the Nephilimic Blood running through my veins!
Proud Watcher, you who protect the holy bloodline, bless me with your presence tonight, and let me take part of your brilliant light and your all-consuming darkness!"

Burn fitting incense, like Olibanum, Myrrh and Dragon´s Blood mixed with Sandalwood, in the bowl and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Tu-Baal-Qayin Azazel!

Beloved lightbringer, you who chose to decend down into the darkness of matter and form, in order to bring the divine fire to the vessels of clay, I who through Daimonic Blood have been baptized in wisdom, call upon you!
Azazel, I invoke you! O you who united the heavens with the earth, and the earth with the heavens, I who bear the burning fruit of your heroic self-sacrifice in the depth of my soul, call upon you!"

Lift the dagger and with its point carve an invoking pentagram of the spirit in the air in front of the altar. Visualize it burning with black flames, as you seven times vibrate the name of Azazel. Thrust the dagger into the heart of the pentagram and watch it incinerate. Point the dagger to the flame between the horns and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Azarak-Qayin Azazel!

Hear now these mighty words of power, which are your sacred names, and with your iron hooves trample asunder all barriers that stand between you and me!
O master Azazel, let the heat from the luciferian fire that you carry between your horns cleanse me and awaken the poisonous Fire Serpent coiling within my veins!"

Let the dagger's blade pass seven times through the flame between the goat's horns, and exclaim the following:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Tubal-Qayin Azazel!

Father of spiritual transmutation, O you who are the daimonic blacksmith and alchemist, let me partake in your transcendent mysteries, and transform and forge me in accordance with your forbidden art of smithcraft!
Azazel, bless me now with your presence and let the flying sparks from your hammer striking the black anvil light up my path through the darkness of life, and aid me in the awakening of my daimonic self from the treacherous slumber of the ego!"

With the dagger's point, mark on your own forehead the same symbol earlier painted with blood on the goat skull, and visualize the symbol glow red and glimmering. Keep the dagger pointed to your own forehead and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Shemyaza-Qayin Azazel!

Master of hidden wisdom and magical will, you who in the shape of Tubal Cain taught us to forge the weapons of liberation, and to use the inner fire of spirit, let now your mark wich is glowing on my forehead burst into fire and crown me with the flames of enlightenment!
Mighty Tubal-Cain-Azazel, you who are enraged by the sight of filthy clay imprisoning and suppressing the divine fire, grant me now the gifts that rightfully belongs to your faithful children and aid me in liberating my inner divine flame!"

Raise your left hand and show the sign of the horns. With your right hand, point the dagger towards your forehead, and visualize and feel the sign glowing stronger and stronger as you exclaim the following:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Barzillah-Qayin Azazel!

Let your golden horns rise up towards the night sky and impale the archons of the demiurge, who through the aeons have fought to banish and destroy all the traces of your gifts of gnosis in this hylic kingdom of the demiurge!
Mighty Azazel, let your children become their father's avengers, and grant me the gnosis that will unite my spirit with the fires of our Master Lucifer, which at the end of time shall purge the cosmos with its ravening flames!"
Sit in a comfortable position in front of the altar and concentrate on your own breath. Breathe deeply and slowly. Visualize your spine in the form of a torch turned upside down, burning with black flames. With each breath, let the air down to the burning torch, and visualize and feel its flames grow stronger and stronger. Continue until the torch and your spine are ablaze, and proceed to raise the black fire up inside your head until you reach the red sign marked on your forehead. With the rhythm of your breath the rising fire is strengthened. Visualize the sign on your forehead slowly darken by the black light of the flames within, and after a while visualize it glow with a strong shining darkness. Lower the dagger into the chalice on the altar and feel how currents of the inner fire are transferred through the dagger in your hands and into the contents of the cup. See the black fire penetrate and impregnate the red wine, in the same way as the master Azazel penetrated and impregnated Naamah. Meditate a while upon the polarety of dagger and the chalice, in the forms of the bloodfilled womb and the flaming phallus, and feel the ecstatic force of their union.

Put the dagger back in its place and lift the chalice with both your hands towards the fire burning between the horns of Azazel and exclaim:

"Azza Uzza Azziel Nephilum-Qayin Azazel!

I, N.N., bow before the shadow of your horns, and praise you, who through the luciferian blood covenant opened our inner gates to the Dark Gods!
In the name of Azazel, I partake of the sacrament, which embodies the Grail of Darkness and the Royal Nephilimic Blood, and strengthen my inner links to the outer source of wisdom, ecstasy and liberation that is the goat headed fire-bearer's essence!"

Drink the whole contents of the chalice, which now have gone through the dark transubstantiation of Nefilimic Craft and become "the red gold elixir" of Naamah and Azazel. Place the chalice back onto the altar and exclaim:

"In the name of the horned master, I who am Geburim, proud spawn of Nephilim, have now awakened the daimonic blood coursing through my veins! The black fire within burns stronger than ever, and I am ready to light the flame between the horns! I N.N., am now ready to partake of the Black Light, and in Azazel's name channel the force and power of the Master that dreams beneath the Mountain of Darkness!

Azza Uzza Azziel Ben-Elohim-Qayin Azazel!"

Add more incense to the glowing coal and place the chalice back upon the altar and by the aid of your breath and the now boiling Nephilim Blood coursing in your veins, continue to raise the black flame up past the sign on your forehead, beyond and out through the crown of your skull. Feel the ecstatic force and see with your inner eye, how His fire now burns between Your horns, and visualize yourself in the form of the black goat of the Nefilimic Sabbat.

Begin a deep meditation and in this blissfull state of mind, establish contact with the power underneath the Mountain of Darkness, which you now have linked yourself to. Communicate with Azazel and receive his blessings and ask him to further guide you and initiate you in his most hidden mysteries. Ask the master to grant you, when you are ready for it, the permission to ascend through the Oneiric Gate of his realm so that you may worship him and celebrate his sabbat on the Mountain of Darkness.

Praise Azazel with your own words and finish the ritual by extinguishing the fires between the horns. Lay down in your bed and while you wait for sleep pray for oneiric visions of the Horned Master and his Mountain of Darkness.

Nephilimic Sigil of Master Azazel:
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( This ritual is taken from the Nephilimic Witchcraft booklet "Liber Shemyazazel" by Magister Nemidial)

From: (Anonymous)
2008-07-01 03:37 pm (UTC)
Ive seen this all before. All of it, i had no idea exactly what i had seen but this is it. I need to speak with someone in the MLO
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