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INFO - MISANTHROPIC LUCFERIAN ORDER [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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INFO [Jul. 20th, 2006|01:17 am]
MLO is a Chaos-Gnostic Order which seek the true Light of Lucifer through the study, development and practice of all forms of dark, gnostic and Satanic Magical systems.

Our goal is to create a synthesis between the dark traditions of all the ancient aeons, in this way creating the occult keys that shall open the gates to the forthcoming Endless Dark Aeon.

MLO study and practice all mysteries of the Left Hand Path, but our official and main directions are three primary dark paths that the Order consider to be the most potent. These three dark paths are The Draconian Setianism, The Sumerian Chaos-Gnosticism and The Kliffotic (Anti-) Kabbalah. All of these three religious, philosophical and black magical systems are, in the form in which they are practiced within the MLO, Anti-Cosmic and has the function of bringing disharmonic Chaotic energies into Cosmos, this way speeding up the evolution that leads the creation back to the formless Chaos thatit descends from.
MLO identify the Cosmos (the formed and settled universe) as the creation of the foolish demiurge and as the prison where the Black Flames, that are parts of the primaeval Chaos, are kept imprisoned. The Black Flame is the pre-cosmic, non-created spirit and is the power that burns inside the illuminated and the strong which makes them seek themselves back to the pandimensional Chaos, which is the origin of all things.

The misanthropy of MLO is based on our Gnostic views and the contempt we feel against the creation as a whole and the weak human cattle who willingly have given up their struggle for total freedom, thus having allowed the demiurge to extinguish their Chaotic heritage, The Black Flame, and having allowed themselves to be enslaved by the false light. Hence, elitism and superhuman ideals are an essential part of the philosophy of MLO, which also strongly permeates the esoteric work of the Order.

The most important goal of MLO is therefore the liberation of the inner Black Flames through the transcending of the limitations of the time and space-bound Cosmos. This Anti-Cosmic transcending can only be reached through the awakening, strengthening and the raising of the Black Flame, or the Black Dragon, that lies dormant in the souls of the strong. This raising of hidden (dark) potential can only be reached through the receiving of Gnosis, i.e. knowledge. This knowledge/gnosis is synonymous to The Torch of Lucifer, Prometheus’ Fire, Samyaza’s Gift, The Black Fire of Ahriman, The Venom of Taninsam, The Smokeless Fire of Typhon and the Philosopher’s stone of the Alchemists. For it is only through the knowledge and wisdom that comes with the experience and the direct contact with the dark powers from beyond the limited Cosmos, that we can open the eyes of the Blind Dragon and annihilate this illusory prison that prevents the limitless and eternal becoming of the spirit.

It is therefore our task to guide our members, by means of the esoteric work, to come in true contact with the powers that the Dark Gods represent, in this way giving them concrete and tangible knowledge of the nature of the Anti-Cosmic current. This will sometimes involve the exposing of oneself, both psychically and physically, to deadly peril for life and soul. This, in turn, serves to strengthen, harden and darken the spirit, this way speeding up the Anti-Cosmic evolution and the receiving of dark Gnosis.

This separates MLO from the imitation satanists of today, who have created a tame, non-dynamic, essenceless and pacifistic/atheistic form of what they call Satanism. Satanism in its true and primal form is the religion of the secret elite and is not for the weak-minded, apathetic masses. It is therefore Anti-Satanic trying to portray the Left Hand Path as the harmless worshipping of the ego and something that the prevalent world order and society should accept.

MLO also dissociate themselves from the so called Christian Satanists who claim to worship and believe in the biblical “fallen angel”. Our Alchemistic view on the Satanic current and Satan himself has got nothing to do with the Christian schizophrenic delusion that has served the purpose to frighten and enslave the apathetic masses.

MLO view Satan as the wild and Chaotic power that constantly breaks down all stagnant and essenceless forms that prevents the infinite and limitless becoming of the Acausal (Azoth).

True Satanism is dark, dangerous, strengthening, pleasurable, sinister, illuminating, liberating, deadly, beautiful, awe-inspiring, evolutionary, revolutionary, mighty and elitic. MLO is true Satanism.

Because of our current aeonic strategy we have now once again opened our doors for the strong and the elect who cultivate their inner Dark Acausal Flames, this way giving the scattered family, i.e. the secret elite, the possibility to apply for membership in MLO.

For more information and personal contact, write a letter consisting of at least three typed pages describing your philosophy, knowledge of Satanism and Magic as well as the reason why you want to join the Misanthropic Luciferian Order. Drug addicts and feeble-minded individuals should not contact the Order. MLO does not tolerate weakness!

“Our will is the law and our law is Chaos! HAIL AZERATE!”

From: (Anonymous)
2008-09-18 04:28 am (UTC)

were do you get membership

i would like to gain membership to the mlo but everywere i go it is a dead end..is there a website..
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-03-31 03:41 am (UTC)


MICORREO ES : summoning666@hotmail.com
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-07-09 06:40 am (UTC)
these words are those of which i have been longing to follow. send me info. xxsk8r4lifexx1@aol.com <-(its the only one i got, pardon the name)
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From: (Anonymous)
2009-12-01 08:49 am (UTC)

Christians aren't Satanists.

You dare badmouth and lie about Christians, you hypocrite? True Christians aren't delusional and schizophrenic. They don't even approve of slavery.

But true Satanists aren't only delusional and schizophrenic but also support slavery. They even worship Satan to the point that they think of him as being better than everyone else. They also think that they're better than those who are different from them.

You've got a lot to learn about Satanism and Christianity. But don't think that you know everything. Nobody wants a know-it-all. But no one wants a really ignorant person either.
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